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Tenn Gentle:
Again, that is not the purpose of the unorganized militia, it has no other purpose than the one I reported earlier. Did you take a look at the link I provided?

The unorganized militia laid out in the Militia Act of 1903 is not the well-regulated militia that the 2A refers to. You are mixing up militias. the proper historical lineal descendent of the 2A militia is the National Guard.

Also, IF and that's a huge one, such a militia were ever called I suspect the states would supply the weapons if for no other reason pure logistics.
I read the link you provided and nowhere did I see where it said that the states could not call upon the members of the unorganized militia to come forward for duty. I saw where it explained the reasoning for splitting the militia into those two areas, and I understand that some people did not want to serve in militia duties. But the law said they must, so they came up with a "work around" for the law. I don't dispute that at all. But, let's say I'm a 24 year old who got out of the army infrantry two years ago. I decide not to join the national guard after my regular tour is over, but if the SHTF, I'd like to volunteer for militia duty and bring my AR-15 and my 1911 with me. What's to say the state couldn't call up like minded individuals to help out if their own national guard was off doing duty for the feds? In the situation I just described, aren't I "legally" part of the unorganized militia?

What if the states didn't have the weapons because their national guard was using them over in Somalia or some other rat infested country?

Maybe none of this will happen in our life times. What about our kids and grand kids. What if people stop volunteering for military duty because the liberals brain wash too many kids into believing that military duty is not something that "normal" people do? Remember, the National Guard is purely voluntary.

The unorganized militia is not today's functioning militia, and the functioning militia is the National Guard. I've not said this wasn't the situation. However, when the 2nd A was written, the militia was not split as it is today. Today's unorganized militia, while being a pool of potential draftees, still has members who have a right to keep and bear arms. Maybe we will have to draft them or let them volunteer to help if the SHTF.
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