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Originally Posted by maestro pistolero
Nor answer the question directly, with all due respect, and there is much. I fail to see how a nuclear weapon would prevent a surreptitious attack through our demonstrably porous borders. We haven't made so much as a dent in the wholesale flow of contraband and undocumented individuals from the south.
You said "foreign invaders" and since I did not see what you were talking about (I didn't look at Nordyke for the specific quote) I assumed you were talking about invasion of a foreign army. I would suggest next time to provide the quote directly so I know what you mean.

As to our vulnerability to terrorists I have no argument there. However, I see that as a LE job and not one for an unauthorized untrained miltia. I would be concerned about a "citizen militia" trying to do a LE job and getting caught inbetween the two and causing needless havoc.

Originally Posted by maestro pistolero
The people, on the other hand are everywhere.
And generally untrained and unorganized to resist much more than attacks against their direct person. But I do support RKBA and CCW very much so do I think that helps us in general? Sure, but that is not a militia.

Originally Posted by maestro pistolero
I am not ready to decide that the whole idea of the militia, or at least the capability of raising one, is useless and outdated.
I would talk to your state government then and see why they won't raise one. They can if they wish. Why do you think they don't?
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