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Originally Posted by Webleymkv
The Second Amendment itself grants the right specifically only to the people, but that right was granted by extension to the militia because it was composed of the people.
I think you are mistaken and the BORs granted rights to both individuals and the states and the 2A granted to both. I think there were two purposes at work when the 2A was written and the militia of the states were one and the individuals RKBA was the other. Heller clarified this and that is what Al meant when he said the miltia was no longer an issue with the individual right. I think you are trying to in a round about way come back to your views of the militia today which I thought we weren't going to rehash?

Originally Posted by Webleymkv
So you disagree with the Judges opinion?
Do you understand the difference between dicta and law in a court opinion? His comments on terrorists were not the issue before the court and have nothing to do with the case. Webley, you have a tendency I have noticed to cherry pick comments from court cases that you think lend credence to your arguments that have no relavence to the issue. Anyway, I answered MP's question about the terrorist's threat. BTW the Nordykes lost.

Originally Posted by Webleymkv
that of Judge Gould carries a bit more weight that those of people who post anonymously on the internet.
Says you. You only like what he says and if he said something else you wouldn't give him such weight. I never heard of the guy and could care less what his dicta says. It isn't law. Anyway, Webley I am not trying to change your mind as it is already made up.
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