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Just to Recap

Many very good suggestions, thanks to all.
To clarify a couple of points:
Whether or not it is an actual event, the wife and I have talked about staying with dispatch every moment, giving *good* descriptions of ourselves so the LEOs know who the good guys are, and the need to identify and confirm with dispatch the responders.

Concerning the "don't care about a damaged door," I fully agree. If it is a real event, property damage/theft/loss is of course the least of my concerns. My hesitancy was if it were *not* a real event. Lightly heard breaking glass, and turns out to be a tree branch on a window. Maybe somebody *did* try to gain entry, and because of noise is now long gone. A drinking glass shifts in the dish rack. That sort of thing. I choose to stay and protect the wife rather than investigating, but if it's a false alarm I don't want to be replacing doors, OR feeling bad about a LEO's broken ankle from my door.

Looks like the key-on-a-light stick is the best resolution, so far. Many thanks

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