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Not to high-jack the thread

So far, you have beeen given the correct answer. Let the cops kick the door. Safest for you and for them.
Now, everything after that will depend on the information you have given to the diaspatcher with your original phone call.
Bye the way, they will probably be keeping you on the line to fill them in as to what is going on.
As i said, everything is going to depend on what you told them originally. You MUST tell them exactly where in the house you are taking shelter. (Like second door on the right at the top of the stairs.) Tell them who is with you, and repeat at least twice that you are armed. You really want the cops making entry to know this before they find you with a gun in your hand.
Once the Officers have made entry, listen to what is going on. Keep dispatch, who is still on the phone with you advised. Most importantly, DO NOT open the door to anyone until dispatch has advised you it is safe to do so. Believe me, the responding Officers will advise their HQ as soon as the matter is resolved. Before opening the door, put the gun down and stand well away from it with your hands in plain sight. Cops tend to be a bit nervous at times like these, and you don't want to be mistaken for another "Skell".
Just thought that I should add this, although I truly pray that you will never need to act on it.
God Bless America
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