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As far as I am aware, Yellowfin, there isn't even a provision in the statutes that covers non-resident permits. The statutes say that you must apply for a permit in the city (and/or county) in which you spend a substantial amount of your time -- i.e. where your residence is located or your place of employment. But it makes no provision for a non-Californian to apply for a permit.

If such a process does exist, it's been kept well under wraps by those in charge.

I'm aware of a Nevada resident who, for the last 5 years has held permits from six states which cover approximately 34 states where he's "properly licensed" to carry. Despite those "bona fides", California CLEOs tell him he can't obtain a permit unless he's a resident. Moreover, several officers were nice enough to tell him that his "good cause" had to be very "credible".
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