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Random Scenario Question

I was trolling on another board an came upon a very interesting legal quandary:

In Texas or anywhere, if police barge in your home (say, in the mistaken execution of an otherwise valid no-knock entry warrant), and you reasonably believe that (1) they aren't real cops, as you've done nothing to warrant the entry and (2) it is rather a burglar posing a cop, are you justified in firing in defense of your home as though it were an ordinary intruder? I know Texas is a state with pretty far reaching HD allowances, but I've never thought of it in this context.

I've also never heard of it actually happening, but I could see how I might be skeptical of someone attempting to enter my home with force as though they were legally entitled to - I lead a pretty crime-free life Given my already innate fear of situations in which a BG might accomplish criminal objectives by impersonating LE, it made me really wonder what I might do in the situation (besides install a strategically-placed mirror so that I can see my front door an evaluate whether they "look" like cops or BGs before I shoot).

Thoughts? I'd do legal research on the matter but I'm too tired - and wanted to ask before I fell asleep
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