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How To Let The Police In?

Posted elswhere as well,
I've long been thinking about a defensive scenario in the home:
Middle of the night, an intruder has apparently gained entrance to the house. I agree completely that the wife and I (no children or pets in the home) are going to hole up in the bedroom, armed, and call 911. No "house clearing" for me. Law enforcement shows up.

Now the question: how does law enforcement gain entry to check the house? To get to the front door to let them in, I'd have to go through the intruder zone. I've often thought, have a set of keys to toss outside to LE. That might be problematic in the winter with a foot of snow on the ground. It also might compromise the LEO's approach and/or safety. I guess the only other alternative is let LE kick in the door? In that scenario, if there really is *no* intruder, I've just cost myself a lot of damage, and perhaps caused the LEO to injure him/herself. Is there a better strategy that I'm missing?

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