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The 50/50 mix may be to better soak in to the wood. I've never used it, but I trust those guys at TBOT.

I had the same thing happen to a 91/30 I was refinishing for the second time. The first time I used a combination stain/poly product the result of which sucked, so I re-stripped and used a separate stain and finish. I was on my third coat of satin poly after six coats of stain when the wire suspending my stock came loose and <clunk> down it went on the concrete floor. I thought about having to strip and re-finish a third time and went ahead and did it. I only sanded the on the first re-finishing - the second and third I just chemically stripped so it wasn't as time-consuming.

If you're going to sand, you'll probably have to wait a couple of days for the poly to harden enough without gumming up the sandpaper - maybe as long as a week depending on coat thickness and drying time/temperature/humidity.
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