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For all those that just joined in. Here is the deal. He left a bunch of military stuff with me that I also wanted to get rid of. Just not the place to be talking about stuff other than guns so I didn't mention getting rid of that stuff here.

I was good friends with this guy then he did some stupid stuff. He took my truck when I was out of town. He took it into a bad part of DC to go to a club. He then decided it was a good idea to get really drunk. He then realized that my truck sitting in DC wasn't a good idea so he drove it. He was pulled over, got a DUI and had my truck towed. Then he decided it would be a great idea not to tell me about it. He basically threw the friendship away. I was very reluctant to help him out but figured I would give him a chance. So as far as me being a friend you don't know me and what I have done for my friends. This guy has not contacted me since Labor Day 2008. I am looking to move and don't need a bunch of extra stuff laying around. Is a pistol a big deal no, but eventually I want to get rid of it. I don't want to be responsible for it. At the current time I can not afford a big gun safe, if those of you that want me to put it in one and forget about it, feel free to send money so I can buy one. For all I know the guy is dead, wouldn't suprise me with the stupid stuff I have found out he has done.

As for the email....They are going to an active email account, it is the only one that he has used as long as I have known him. I don't know if he has read them no way to know. I have no other way of contacting him and I have tried.
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