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Turkey Gun Barrel Length...

I was reading June 2009 of Shooting Times' section titled Ask the Experts. Someone wrote asking about advantages/disadvantages of shotgun barrel lengths. Layne Simpson responded to the question talking about how most longer barrel lengths work well in wingshooting but shorter lengths are the fad for tukey. He used to make do with a Remington 870 with a 21" barrel. Today, he uses a 28" in the same model. Now, my question...

He stated that a great disadvantage to a short barrel on a turkey gun is the increase in muzzle blast. What disadvantage is there that's so great? I don't hunt, but it still piqued my interest on what he's talking about. In my estimation, you're drawing the turkey fairly close if possible. Most of the time it's a one shot deal and it's over. With this observation, I don't see the big deal. I can understand if you're hunting at dusk or dawn the flash could be a bit much on your eyes. But that's the only issue I see. What am I missing?
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