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"Qualifying" for RTKBA

Just read a thread on "Gun IQ" and was inspired to ask some questions.

Some folks propose anyone withany history a mental illness,alchohol abuse,etc...should not be allowed to own a gun.

Now,I understand,there are folks who have the sort of mental illness that woul make owning a firearm a threat to themselves or society.

But,throughout history,the most draconian despot dictators began with a quest for Utopia

We are going to have glitches,problems,and pain.That is life.The unintended consequences of compromising Liberty for fear ...AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

There are a lot of folks in the USA who ,without harming or threatening to harm anyone,have sought help to deal with whatever issues life has thrown them.

If a background check can find a history of seeking help from a professional,or of any mental or emotional crisis,

Then we must throw out one of the cornerstones of treatment of the mental health professionals...confidentiallity.The Federal Government will have access to everyone's history of treatment.

Example,sometimes people with depression consider suicide.Sometimes they commit suicide.Sometimes they commit suicide by cop,and hurt other people.Some might put anyone with a history of depression on a no-guns list.

Often,the roots of depression are about fear and anger turned inward,swallowed. Now,that may seem like a shaky person to have a gun.

Suppose a woman has been brutally raped.Maybe more than once in her life.

She might very well be depressed.She might very well be terrified and seething with anger,all balled up inside.She might consider suicide.She might realize that because she is a mother,she does not have the luxury of the option of suicide.She cannot let those demons turn to her children.

So,she seeks council.They may prescribe Prozak or Zantac or some other anti-depressant as a step along the way.

But she does continue,with professional help,to grow stronger,face and confront her demons,cry,scream,travel through the dark of Hades until she finds a Light.She finds some Gold down in the Dark

And,she comes back up out of that hole of being a victim.She is aware there is a Warrior inside her.She is committed that no one will make her or her children a victim again.

She knows she needs to gain Warrior skills to be competent.She reads "Armed and Female"

She seeks out PAX as a mentor.

All of you sensible Utopians who want to keep firearms out of the hands of anyone with a history of mental illness would deny this woman her right to own a firearm,as the data search would show she was prescribed an anti-depressant and sought treatment for depression.

Be very,very careful about how we might "sensibly" qualify people for their Rights.(As in SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED) Remember there is a political agenda that will leverage any concession to deny as many a possible.

The fact that a small percentage of people do abhorent acts while excersizing a Liberty does not indicate the Liberty is flawed.

People are flawed,evil exists,bad things will happen.

Evil Triumphs every time we lose Liberty.
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