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Hey everyone, Blake here, I live in Minnesota with my wife and 8yr old daughter. We have a house in the country on 11 acres. I have my own range in the back yard, I love it. I work in a county jail as a corrections officer. I grew up with guns and shot with my brothers and dad. We mostly shot .22's and shotguns, and then later some handguns. I currently own a Glock 17, a Ruger MKIII .22 stainless, 5 1/2'' barrel, with a Weaver 2.5-8X32 scope. (shotgun shells at 50 yards, look out!) My shotgun is an older Rem. 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge, 2 3/4'' chamber, no vented rib. The clays and ruffed grouse it has taken are too many to count. Also a Ruger 10-22 stainless, an old Rem. bolt action, single shot .22 (passed down 3 generations) and my daughters Daisy Red Rider that she got on her 4th birthday. I enjoy reloading for my 9mm and the 12 gauge. I have reloaded for about 12 years. Anyway, that is a bit about me. TFL is great so far, so much info. Happy Shootin All!!
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