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Consider this situation...

I had traveled 600 miles by car to another state (NM), to a town I'd never been to (Deming). Because I like to be prepared I took along my Ruger P90 and my Tristar 12 gauge shotgun (Ruger in the center console and shottie in the trunk).

I had planned to drive part of they way back the same day to avoid staying in an unfamiliar place, but it worked out so that I had to stay there overnight. I got a room and brought my guns with me. Since I didn't know the town I jammed a chair in front of the door (under the knob) and put the coffee table between the bed and the door with both guns on it (facing the door), both with rounds chambered, safeties on. Then I went to sleep. It was about 9:30 PM.

At about 11:30 I hear a noise. It was fairly quiet, so I was sure I heard something. Since it had woken me up, I immediately wondered whether there had been other noises that I didn't hear because I had been sleeping. While I was considering this, I heard a noise that is very recognizable: the sound of someone trying the doorknob, but trying to do it quietly.

I immediately sat up, put on my glasses, grabbed the shotgun and leveled it at the door, but made no sound. I was waiting for whatever was next. I knew the chair would slow down an intruder, but I didn't know by how much. At this time I realized the safety was still on and I released it. The next few seconds felt like many minutes. Then, whomever was outside began to really try to get in, pushing the door as well as vigorously shaking the lock mechanism.

I mentally debated yelling out something like, "Go away! I have a gun!" or "Leave or I'm calling the cops." I decided on something to the effect of, "There's already someone in here" and called that out as calmly as I could. The racket stopped immediately.

After a few minutes during which I stood up and walked around the room trying to decide which location afforded me the best defensive location, I peeked out the curtain. It was all quiet and not a soul around. I didn't bother to call the police.

I couldn't go right back to sleep but I finally did after about an hour. When I woke in the morning, I again looked out the window, but all was quiet. I quickly walked to my car and took off without letting it warm up. The rest of the trip was without incident.

Your thoughts, comments, or questions?
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