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My only objective in a reload is to quickly & smoothly top off (speed reload). If the situation and time allow, I'll recover anything I've dropped. If not, so be it.
Old Magazine Out. New Magazine In. Readdress Threat As Needed.
That is pretty much it. If your concern is to get the gun reloaded, use the speed rteload. If your concern is to save the unspent rounds, tehn take the mag out, save it, and put a new mag in. Trying to do both is a recipe for problems.
I quickly discarded the method (manipulating two magazines at once) as an interesting card trick for the range...and that's about all.
Well said. It is great for games, not so good for real fights.

Keep in mind just because any 'study' has never found an incident where a tac reload, or any particularly technique, as never made a difference does not mean it ever has made a difference nor if it's a tactically sound idea.
Given that several people have been diligently searching for anyone who can provide a single example of the tac load mattering, and that they have been doing so for years (including on several well-used 'net forums) I'd suggest the onus is on those who advocate it to provide some slight bit of proof as to its need or utility. Again, it is a great range/game technique, but not for real fights. It provides nothing that can't be done as well or better by the speed reload and the reload with retention.

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