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Originally Posted by Deerhunter
A friend of mine left his pistol at my house when he went to Iraq.
If he is really a friend, then the friendly thing to do would be to stick it in a safe or whatever and forget about, treat is as yours but don't sell it.

Originally Posted by Deerhunter
This guy is no where near a great friend. He tends not to be very responsible, most of the time. I went out of town for a week when he lived here in VA. He dropped me off at the airport and took my truck home. Turns out that he took it out to a club and ended up getting it towed when he was stopped for a DUI. Now I am sure a lot of you are like me, Don't mess with my truck or guns. I knew I never should have agreed to hold onto it for him.
Then hang on to it for a while and dispose of it, but 7 months really isn't that long of a time. Kind of sounds like you are sorta ****** at the guy, but selling his pistol to buy one you like kinda puts you in the same boat, eh?

Sounds like a similar situation a friend of mine had with an old roommate. She held on this person's stuff for about three years, then disposed of it (mostly worthless furniture, bedding, etc.).
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