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Today's holster instructional at the range went very well!

At today's range session, gave newbie all the advice I possibly could and showed him the instructional photos provided by pax before we began. (Had to bring my laptop, of course, which was another first.)

Newbie was equipped with a Taurus PT140 riding in a De Santis Pro Stealth IWB holster, and readily took to the admonition that "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast."

Started facing a standard IDPA silhouette at 7 meters, with instructions to draw and fire 2 shots COM. In all, did 50 live-fire draws and consumed 100 rounds. (Also did a lot of dry-fire draws in between.) Newbie is fairly proficient with his handgun and regularly achieved required COM hits.

By the end of the session, newbie was doing under 2 seconds from start of draw stroke to first contact shot. Not bad for a first session!

The most important thing was that there were no dramas or mishaps, thanks to the advice from pax and GuyMontag.
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