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Thanks for the input MP, We are working hard on several fix it bills and a sweeping Alaska bill "HB129" as I type this. THanks for your support!

Update: see story

Representative Adams introduces HB129: Alaska-style CCW

By Jim Irvine

Representative John Adams (R-78) of Sidney, Ohio has introduced House Bill 129. The bill is identical to Adam's HB225 from 2007, and substantially similar to HB91 from 2005 and HB559 from 2004, the latter two having been sponsored by Representative Tom Brinkman. HB129 would repeal many of the onerous provisions of our current concealed carry law and allow law abiding citizens to carry concealed without a license.

Alaska-style CCW is an exciting possibility for gun owners in Ohio. It shows Rep. Adams is in touch with the most conservative of the gun owner base/constituency.

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