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Yea, so I am practicing with DA. I put up a target in my room with blinds to hold it up, so I can practice 1/1 training. Moving when I present, as I shoot, as I reload. Yelling STOP, then in my living room I have 3 targets held up by blinds, so I can do the same except put 2 in each, tac reload, 2 more in each, tac reload again, empty the mag. All while moving back/sideways. I need to practice kneeling and weak handed fire more.
Keep practicing Kyo. It sounds good and by firing only a few shots at a time your ammo will last longer. You can actually do the tac reloads without even a loaded weapon. Just point it in a safe direction after checking to make sure it is unloaded, and then use empty mags (I have a blue Dillion weighted one and a few red painted old mags just for that.)

Vary your practice and over time come back to where you were. You wil find one day you can do tac reloads, speed reloads, weak handed draws, etc.. all while moving up and down stairs. It's mearly a matter of coordination. And that takes practice (and it's fun to.)
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