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Tuesdays, After Work

Are your weekends often a choice between family time - at the kids' games, on the boat, riding bikes,or doing the “honey-do’s” - and playing in one of the weekend pistol shooting games?

We Have An Opportunity For You – DURING THE WEEK - To Still Get Your Pistol Shooting Fix and Refine Those Perishable Gun-Handling Skills!

Tuesday’s After Work @ the Dallas Pistol Club

Beginning TUESDAY May 5th and continuing each TUESDAY through September 1st
5pm Setup/Registration
6pm Match
8pm (or sunset) Teardown/Cleanup

This match will utilize ALL NEW Stage Designs!
You'll See Varied Start Positions - Vision Barriers - Movement Between Shooting Positions - Reloads As Necessary
$10 DPC-members / $15 non-members

Eye and Ear Protection Required
Pistol in .38, 9mm, .40S&W, or .45ACP
3+ Mags/Speedloaders with Pouches
Belt Holster (no cross-draw or shoulder holsters permitted)
85-100 Rounds of Ammo (if you NEVER bring 150 rounds just to be safe)
More Info at

Come Join Us!
steve speer, ty26694
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