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training at night

So, I am a night person. Tonight I decided to train on presenting, reloading, and moving as I reload/dry fire.
I keep a p345 as my HD/SD weapon. I have been carrying with the safety on and one in the pipe. Well, my holster covers the trigger completely, so I am thinking of carrying with the safety off and one in the pipe with the hammer down. The safety lever is safe in the down position and ready in the up position, and it is on both sides, but still I don't like it, I feel like it defeats the purpose of carrying.
Part of my dry firing, I was trying to figure out whether it would be better to cock it as I draw(which isn't hard with the thumb as I pull up) or if I should just focus on presenting and take the first shot as double action. Any experienced views? My DA pull is like 22 pounds my SA is 3. The trigger is a little long, but whatever a pull is a pull.
I am using a Cuda holster from with inside out straps to carry IWB.
Which should I focus on?
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