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Originally Posted by maestro pistolero
The total absence of this groundbreaking decision
on ANY mainstream media outlets is more than just a little conspicuous, isn't it? I have to shake my head.
I have seen some plausible explanations as to why there is a seeming news black out on this.

Most rely on some form of the idea that Nordyke is a fairly unknown case and the MSM is busy bringing itself up to speed. Um, Heller was a fairly unknown case. It didn't take the MSM more than 2 hours to get up to speed, after the D.C. Circuit opinion.

Between the D.C. Circuit opinion and the SCOTUS Decision, which took a year and a half, there were many articles. Add all the articles after the Heller decision, the play up to and after the election. The gun buying on the lead-up to the election and most especially after the election, and now the ammo shortage, the MSM have been having a field day.

Now add to this mix, all the stories on gun-control and rumor of gun-control; Eric Holder; Pelosi; Obama; Mexico, etc. ...

Any argument that the MSM doesn't know or doesn't get the ramifications, just doesn't wash.

Nor do I except the theory that it isn't being reported because "this being a largely expected outcome." Coming from the 9th Circuit (a circuit notorious for its anti-gun posture), this decision (the incorporation part) was most certainly not expected.

Nor do I believe that there has been any concerted conspiracy on the part of the MSM.

Go to the Associated Press wire service and lookup the following words: 9th Circuit; Nordyke; Incorporation. Only the first term brings any results. Ten links to prior stories, 7 of which occurred before April 20th. None of which relate to the topic we are discussing. The latter two terms have zero results.

Reuters returns no stories at all.

If the two largest and most subscribed news services do not deign to publish a lead-on story, why would anyone publish their own story?

Most news agencies, papers and television stations have their own "court reporters." So it isn't unknown, even though the AP and Reuters do not have a wire story available.

What I think may be happening is utter shock. They are absolutely dumbfounded. This decision would place the entire stream of the current debate over arms and Mexico into turmoil. I'm beginning to think that there have been individual decisions within the various news agencies, to not report this, so that it keeps the current political debate on the forefront of America.

My thinking is bolstered by the fact that the Brady Center has not issued any statement whatsoever. Paul Helmke is not an idiot. If they (he) make no statement, there is nothing (in that agenda) for the media to latch onto.

By the individual actions of not reporting this, the media can help keep the Obama Administration "focused" on its domestic and international goals. The media is "helping" to keep distractions away from the administration.

Therefore, the Obama Administration does not have to say a word about this (until and unless forced to), and will continue as if this hasn't happened (If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it really make any noise?).
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