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"Now that we have 2A as an individual right, and incorporation in the 9th, it can (and will) be argued that fundamental civi rights don't end at your doorstep."

Agree. The battle goes on.

A statement in the decision makes the claim that the home is "where the
need for defense of self, family, and property is most acute".

I'm curious as to what the statistics are regarding physical attacks and where they re most likely to occur. Is it more likely that an individual would be attacked in their home or one the street? You hear a lot about home invasions but my thinking would be that attacks occur more often on the street.

Anyway, the battle to extend the right to self-protection using a handgun in the home seems to have take some steps forward. The battle to extend that right to your car or while walking on the street will be a tough one in places like NY.
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