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The problem with this decision is that the county made an arbitrary decision that this was for public safety. There is NO evidence that gun shows threaten public safety when held on public property.

LARGE numbers of people gather in hotel conference rooms and other large venues for the exact same purpose. The sole reason this ordinance was enacted was to ban a single group from RENTING a government owned space for their show. This is no different than a car show, dog show, etc. all renting the same space.

If you want to carry the abortion example forward the county could pass a ban on people renting the fairgrounds for a pro-life rally where people will come to pray, show videos, etc. stating that this activity can threaten the public safety because the material may incite people to perform criminal acts. We all know this to be false, but it is the same thinking that they used in the gun ban.

They do know more people are killed in car accidents by a very large number than by a gun discharging each year right? Do you think they would ban a car show where sports cars were being sold because they threaten the public safety? It is much more likely that a car bought at the car show will be driven by a drunk driver who will kill several people when he crashes it into some family's mini-van.

While I like the incorporation, I find their logic in approving the ordinance terrible. It is unsupported by the facts and is completely based on emotion.
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