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Got registered today and decided to intrduce myself. I'm new to the forum, but not to shooting - I began with my dad and a .22 rifle when I was about 4. I'm now 35, and occasionally still get the old man out. I currently own a Ruger Target Master .22, stainless with target (bull) barrell, HK Mark 23, Beretta M92SF (stainless) and a Colt L.E. 6920 AR tricked with a KAC RAS (non-free-floating), GG&G one-point sling mount and a 4X32 A.C.O.G. to top it off, that sits in a 4Xdos LaRue mount. I don't really have a favorite, but probably would lean toward the AR and the Mark.

I'm considering an AR build in 7.62X51 which brings me to this forum for possible purchase and information. I camp out over at and sometimes, which are both full of good info. for AR-15/AR10 style black rifles. I'd ultimately like to end up with something to resemble the Army's all-popular M110 Single Action Sniper System/Mark 11m Mod 0 (Navy version) that is made by KAC. If I do take on a build, my preference would be to build from an Armalite upper/lower (with forward assist), but would also consider DPMS parts.

I've lived in the same town in KS all my life, with the exception of college years. I look forward to information learned here and getting to know some of the other members.

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