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1941 U.n. Numbered Baretta Gardone Carcano 6.5

I have been given, by my elder Mother-In-Law, a U.N model 1941 BARETTA GARDONE CARCANO 6.5 small rifle with attached Bayonet which I believe is a CARCANO 1938 CAVALRY CARBINE 6.5MM.
It has matching U.N. serial numbers on the stock and behind the rear sight and is dated 1941.. The numbers by the sight are...1941-X1X and the matching U.N. numbers on the stock & by the rear sight are...U.N. 7784...
It also has a Baretta Gardone 1941 indent seal on the stock.
I would like to know something about this little rifle, the availability of magazines/stripper clips and if this rifle has any value.. Any info will be helpful, Thanks...
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