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I'm glad he decided to work by appointment only. It seems like they weren't coming to rob him any more, but just to kill him.
Yes, the gang does have a price on his head now. It's a shame he had to close his store front.. He has my utmost respect for sticking to his principles, even though it forced him into a tough situation.
I've been looking for that video for quite some time
I can't take credit for finding that one Vlad, my brother ( MrClean) sent that to me via email yesterday.
I was just surprised that the man was still alive after all the times he was wounded...his training was indeed a vital part of his surviving so many attacks. I pray it continues to keep him safe. All the man wants to do is run his business, and all the bangers want to do is kill him...just because he protected himself and others from their criminal 'buddies".
Guns don't kill people, husbands who come home early do.

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