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If you want a good shooter for a decent price, the Russian captures are the way to go. What the Russians did was take the guns completely apart, put all the parts into piles by type, dip blue them, and reassemble with random parts. Sometimes you will get lucky and find a bolt/action matched set, but that is apparently pretty rare (all the numbers mismatch on mine). Make sure you run some headspace gauges through it to make sure it is still within SAAMI spec...

And also, upon reassembly, the Russians left off the front sight shroud and cleaning rod. Luckily original and reproduction parts are prevalent on Ebay, with repro shroud/rod/sling sets going for about $40.

Oh, and Russian captures will usually have an X marked into the receiver, and sometimes the swastika eagle stamps will have been removed. After talking the guy down a bit, I bought mine for $300 with a pretty decent quality bore and chamber. I think it will need a new extractor though, as it feeds a bit rough.

I learned a lot reading through this forum:

Good luck
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