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New 91/30 Mosin

I just got my first C&R gun a nice mosin 91/30 rifle that is beautiful on the outside, it doesn't look like it was used much during the war. It is a 1932 hex receiver.

when I went to clean the barrel I noticed when I put a tight patch in at the muzzle for the first 6 inches or so the patch wil go in easier then the barrel gets tighter, we are only talking about a few hundreths of an inch but I know the last 6 inches or so are not the same diameter as the rest of the barrel because how hard it is to push the patch once I get past that 6 inches.

I am sure this will affect accuracy but how much? will I be able to hit a target at 50 yards? It is not unsafe, just a little wider.

Is this common? I only paid $70 for the gun so I cant complain, it is beautiful on the outside and the rest of the barrel looks great, Is this from years of shooting corrosive ammo?

Also I noticed when I push the patch through the patch comes out coated in a grey waxy film, is this normal?
Thanks for the help.
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