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Specifics, please.

"...a hard caliber configuration to reload...handloaders have struggled...", etc.

Exactly what aspect of the 270 WSM is hard to reload, caused reloaders to struggle?

Hard to achieve factory velocities? Hard to get decent accuracy? What?

I would like to know because I own one, and I have purchased reloading dies for it, but have not yet attempted to reload it. The only bullets I have purchased with reloading in mind are 130 grain Hornady Interlocks. I intend to just use them to "get some trigger time" with the rifle - it is new, and putting 100 rounds through it should be a good "break in" process, I would think - and get me accustomed to how the trigger feels, etc.

Using factory 130 grain loads I have had excellent results with small Texas deer (2 does, 1 buck, all @ less than 100 yards).

I am planning on hunting cow elk in Colorado with it this fall, using factory premium bullets.

I might want to handload some 150 grain Barns Triple Shocks, or maybe some 150 grain Nosler Partitions - so what is the nature of the problem(s) I should expect to encounter if/when I attempt to do so?
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