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I've started a new thread. I set 3 rules that I hope will be followed, and I hope that the discussion is more positive and effective in means of topic than I managed in this one. If you want to pour any continuation of the conversation that's been in here, I beg you to restrain.

I believe that political and non-political activism are two different discussions, both entirely worthy of debate, but I would like to keep them seperated for the means of this particular conversation.

Here is the link. I hesitated to post it here in fear of an early destruction of that thread, but I think it only fair to link the two.

Regardless of what you think of me, my ideas, my vote, please respect the rules of that thread so that it can be more productive and maybe, just maybe, even YOU will learn something from a topic, idea, or concept that someone else brings up.

I will be losing my internet tomorrow because of a billing issue. I will try and check in daily but my usual activity will be severely reduced. This is not a cop-out, I simply have no choice. I hope to have full internet access back up by next Friday. How do I know when I'll lose my net? Because I had it turned back on and promised to pay Friday, and they gave me till Saturday to give me a day grace period, and then my car broke down so I couldn't make the payment.
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