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Local non-political activism - Our Responsibility

I'd like everyone who takes part in this thread to adhere to 3 rules:

1. Check McCain/Obama /Libertarian & other party discussion at the door.
2. No rally, voting, lobby, or protest discussion.
3. Think positive, and if you disagree with a statement or idea, approach it positively. We're all ultimately on the same side, and unity is what will help us emerge victorious.

The purpose of this thread is to discuss what we can do individually to reach our best individual potential of affecting and converting the ideals and mindsets of those who otherwise would work against us in our fight to protect the meaning and legislation of the 2nd amendment of the Bill Of Rights for the United States of America.

There are several fronts on which we can stand strong, and this is simply one aspect of the overall war. This is a finely tuned and directioned battle. Individual non-political activism. This is our goal, in this thread. All other goals should be discussed elsewhere.

I will start, in saying that I believe organized trap/skeet shooting would be a less scary introduction into sport shooting than perhaps hitting paper targets may be. This is obviously a branch of the "bring a non-shooter to the range" philosophy.

The concept here is to address the root problem: that anti-gun civilians have not been educated in gun safety, and have not had any experience in their application as a sport/hunt or self protection means; or, most importantly, been educated as to the importance of the legislative properties surrounding the second most important right that we celebrate, second only to the right to free speech and religion.

Note: If you have a problem with me and my previous thread please contact me in pm. I believe that this is important. I believe that this is necessary. I believe that we have a limited time to unify, brainstorm, and make a branding imprint that will lead to a successful battle for maintaining our rights.
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