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Try to be realistic, these are some I have used:

Take off your clothes, lather yourself up (dont forget shampoo) and then snatch up a gun 5 feet away and pop the target to simulate shower defensive drills.

Drop pants and sit on a stool. Put target three feet away. have friend slam a piece of metal with a bat to simulate the sound of stall door flying soon as you hear the sound, snatch gun from pants and fire...this is the public toilet drill..

Buy a cheap car. Sit in driver seat with one hand on wheel and make motor noises. Have friend throw brick on roof. Draw and empty mag through roof while swinging the wheel back and forth and increasing volume of motor noises...this is the horde of Zombies or Terminators jumping on the Car drill...

Buy blowup doll. remove clothing and lay next to doll on a mattress with both arms around her. put gun under pillow and place target at foot of the mattress, three feet away. Have friend scream "what are you doing with my wife"....push doll away (or disengage ), snatch gun from under pillow and empty gun at target...this is the angry husband drill......

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