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Two plain clothes cops came into the shop, long ago. Revolvers only in those days. One was looking to change his grips(the only thing they were allowed to do). The other guy decides he'll buy a set too. Reaches for his piece. Had the holster on, but no gun. His partner went ballistic.
Same scenario, one guy. Goes to unload so the grips could be put on. The revolver was rusted shut.
Buddy of mine's brother was a cop, very long ago. He told me, he and his partner got assigned to 'The Bank Car'(only one with a pump shotgun then), one day. Neither one of 'em knew how to load it.
Rolled into the range one evening. Everybody is atwitter. Somebody had left a Glock with ammo and mags on one of the shooting positions. Called the locals to come pick it up. Took 5 minutes to explain to the guy who showed up what happened and that he had to take it. Found out later it had been left by a cop who had been shooting, alone, sometime in the afternoon.
Shot ISU(ISSF now) with them. Some of 'em would show up with just their service revolver with fixed sights. We beat them regularly. Even in their own, tax payer built, poor lighting(flourescent light is horrible), range.
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