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I had thought the 3rd gen Colt's were all made by Uberti but stamped by Colt- So now it appears they might have at least checked by Colt.
3rd Generation Colt bp revolvers were manufactured by Colt Blackpowder Arms, Inc. in New York using rough castings of major parts made by Uberti in Italy. Colt's Manufacturing Company, the manufacturer of original and 2nd Generation Colt (also from Uberti's rough castings) firearms granted a license to Colt Blackpowder Arms to make the 3rd Generation guns. Colt Blackpowder Arms used Colt's Manufacturing Company processes and in some cases former Colt's Manufacturing Company personnel. Other than the license, Colt's Manufacturing Company had no official hand in producing the 3rd Generation guns. Armi San Marco in Italy produced a number of Colt replica guns with Colt insignia using the same Uberti rough castings in anticipation of a license from Colt's Manufacturing Company. However, the license was never granted and ASM was ordered to cease production of the guns.
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