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The range I go to is only set up for benchrest shooting. This is wonderful for building practical marksmanship skills.
How is using a bench "practical"???

What ever system you run, it is my belief (take it for what that is worth), that manipulation of the weapon is the most important skill you can practice. As Clint Smith says, people don't get in trouble because they cannot shoot, they get in trouble because they cannot run their gear.

In order of priority, I believe one should practice with the carbine:

1. Admin loading and unloading.
2. Empty loading.
3. Malfunction drills.
4. Transition drills.
5. Position shooting (no, stay away from that bench now)
6. And way, way down the list, tactical loads.

Just my suggestion from my years of training.

Have you watched the new Thunder Ranch Urban Rifle DVD? For $55.00 it is a heck of a lesson, but no substitute for a teacher by your elbow.

Have you looked into

Texas CQB



Both work closely with Clint Smith.
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