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Arguments used in the Brady Campaign website

So every once in a while I read through the anti gun websites just to see what they have and whether their information and arguments are correct/valid. I'm no experts at either debate or statistics, so I was curious as to what retorts you smart folk out there would have for some of the arguments listed in the anti-CCW section of the Brady Campaign have.
Specifically to references of lax CCW laws = more crime, and CCW permit holders not being law abiding citizens.

Between 1992 and 1998, the violent crime rate in states which kept strict CCW laws fell by an average of 30%. The violent crime rate for the states that had weak CCW laws during this same time saw their violent crime rates drop by only 15%. Nationally, violent crime declined by 25% during that same period.
From 1996 to 2000, Texas concealed handgun license holders were arrested for weapon-related offenses at a rate 81 percent higher than that of the general population of Texas, aged 21 and older. These weapon-related offenses include arrests for 279 assaults or aggravated
assaults with a deadly weapon, 671 unlawfully carrying a weapon, and 172 deadly conduct/discharge firearm.
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