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Training Drills With a Carbine

Out of curiousity, where do you guys go to do training drills other than punching paper with you AR or AK? I apologize in advance if this topic has been or is already in discussion. The range I go to is only set up for benchrest shooting. This is wonderful for building practical marksmanship skills. On the other hand it's not very realistic for using your carbine in a defensive/offensive situation. I would like to achieve the same level of competency with my AK as I do with my service M4. Doing walking/running drills, turning and controlled pair drills, tactical reloads, shooting from cover...etc. Is there anywhere you all go to do your own personal training without forking out the $$ to attend Thunder Ranch or the Sig Academy. The ranges around here don't really accommodate for the level of training I am looking for. Any suggestions?
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