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do all cops treat their guns like crap?
No. I, for one, clean my service weapon at least once a month. If I have to qualify with it or shoot it for practice, I clean it right after I shoot, right there at the range; our department offers all kinds of q-tips, bore pads, rods, brushes, rods, CLP, etc.

About the condition of the guns you have to understand that the type of weapon a police officer gets issued (at least in our department) is not always the best one. Some officers get brand new guns and some get old ones; As long as the gun passes inspection, it has to be in service. I, unfortunately, got issued an old gun that must have been in service over 10 years before I got it, but it works like a charm. My service pistol has NEVER jammed or malfunctioned (I hope I didn't just jynx myself), but I guess that is due to my proper maintenance.

If I EVER EVER see another officer with an improperly maintained weapon, I WILL say something about it. Have I seen another officer with crappy maintenance habits? Yes. Do they always listen to me? No.

Not all cops are all that smart either; very ignorant and stubborn with the stupid "Oh it'll be alright" vibes. Police, just like sheep, come in all different mindsets and attitudes. To each thier own..

This may sound cold, but the lazy SOBs and ignorant fool officers that do not properly maintain thier equipment are the SOBs and ignorant fool officers that get killed in the line of duty. A dirty and in-operative weapon is one of the top 5 reasons a police officer is killed in the line of duty.
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