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Here is what I would have done:

Stranger: "Do you wanna buy a magazine?"

Me: *looks at the guy and determines that he looks "shady/ghetto* ""

Stranger: "Cmon man, juss buy 1!"

Me: *getting a little ticked off* ""

Stranger: *getting a little aggressive gesturing as if he wants to rush
me* "You sure? Just buy one man!"

Me: *a small smile appears on my face as I grip a Kimber Pro Series behind my back* "OKAY! How much are they?"

Stranger: "Only 9 dollars each!"

Me: "Well I don't have my nine on me...Got change for a FORTY FIVE?!" *as I click off the saftey hard enough for him to hear it through the small opening in the doorway*

Stranger: "Hey man, theres no such thing as a fort...oh." *eyes open wide and sweat begins trickling down his cheek*

I'm so bored.
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