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I watched the video, I didn't like the way the guy was stuttering his answer. Not believable, definitely the worst WH speaker I have ever seen. The guy from the TV show "Lie to Me" would have a field day analyzing this video. It's too late for all that after two or three high level officials have called for tighter gun control so our neighbor to the south can be safer from our evil.

A couple of years ago I didn't see the harm in gun registration but now I can see if you couple registration with just one or two elements from the "new AWB" we've all read there are some troubling possibilities. Also I can see how that could lead to the micro-stamping or other forms of ammo control.

And I don't think those two possibilities are's just a logical progression based on "Hey, we're registering and tracking guns already. Doing the same for ammo should be no big deal".
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