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All good points and I agree with most of it, including the criticism on myself.

I didn't want to get into a voting debate because its a different conversation. I wanted us to discuss what we could do in the non-political arena to influence people (you can call them voters if you want to).

Unfortunately, maybe through my own fault, this thread has fallen to shambles. It's failed to ignite the conversation that I hoped it would. I tried to steer it back by making some suggestions and all anyone seems to want to talk about is my voting record, how wet behind the ears I am, and how naive I am. All valid for criticism but all entirely unlikely to sway the gun control issue in our favor.

Unless we're trying to convert me?

Well, if we can't get past who I voted for then I don't see how we could possibly move forward with the conversation so I guess that's the end of this thread.

I respect all that have posted so far, and I enjoy the criticism, it will only help me grow and learn. It just wasn't the point behind my original post. Maybe I'll try again down the road with a different approach.
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