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Quote CPT Crossman:
one thing I noticed about these replicas though, the barrel wedge doesnt' go all the way through- if you force it in until the spring pops out the other side, it locks up the cylinder- not enough clearance.
Nope. None of my Colts display that condition.

Quote Cpt Crossman again:
one thing a C-B shooter learns really quick- a Colt open tops look great, but aren't much as shooters. The Remington '58, now that's a shooter- stronger, reliable- the Rem runs rings around the open tops.
I suppose we'll just have to agree to disagree on that score. I've got a pair of Uberti '61 Navies and 2nd Gen Colt '61 Navies that are more reliable and outshoot any remmie they come up against.

Quote Pohill -
F. McGee, I see you know your 2nd Generation Colts (30? Damn) - anything ever pan out on that Kittery gun?
I havent gotten around to calling yet - () actually, forgot about it. Guess I need to do that tomorrow.

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