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You say 2 years because of midterm elections, I'm predicting 4 years because I think the general consensus will be to try and keep Obama in office for a 2nd term, and if they lose control of congress then what Obama can do easily disappears.
It's fine to prepare for the next presidential election. But you have a fatal flaw in your belief that this should take precedence over mid-term elections. You like football? You think the week of the AFC championship game the teams are focusing on what tactics they need to execute to win the Super Bowl? Absolutely NOT. If they do, they lose the AFC championship and have to wait another year and play another 16+ games to even get that shot again. I side with roy reali here. America already screwed up voting for Obama. We have to keep him on the backburner on simmer while we need to work on mid-term elections coming up on the front burner on medium-high.

If we can do that, then my goal was accomplished and the guy I voted for didn't hurt my 2nd amendment right.
...unless he appoints supreme court justices. Then you won't be able to wash your hands that easily. What about other laws he may implement or sign that's orchestrated by congress that would be extremely difficult to reverse? One popular example is the AWB....making it permanent no less....

And even though I voted for him, guess what? I'm allowed to complain when he or the party does something that I don't like.
Just because others didn't vote for him doesn't mean they can't complain...

Aren't you glad that not everyone that voted for Obama blindly follows his every decision?
Not particularly. The numbers are very few at the moment...

Would you rather the US be blindly following McCain? Or would it be okay for republicans to be critical of some of his decisions as well?
Well, let's put it this way. In regards to the preservation of the 2nd Amendment, I wouldn't exactly be worried about blind followers of McCain compared to blind followers of Obama.

If Obama was a little more pro gun than McCain would you have voted for him over that? Even if you disagreed with a lot of other things that he does support?
If Obama was a little more pro gun than McCain, the NRA would have placed him up on the highest pedestal in the land (again, regarding the 2A). But I still wouldn't have voted for him. There's one issue that Obama supports that IMO trumps gun voting records. I'm not willing to go into any more detail in public due to the other reasons are not gun nor civil rights related.

That's what this thread is about. I don't even want to hear people suggesting we need to vote different. Vote however you want, it hasn't helped the cause.
Then this is where I place my final post here. You can expend all the effort you want to change public opinion. But it will not do any good compared to advocating to vote for a representative. We are not a democracy. We're a republic. We elect officials to represent our voice. Have you seen the ratings on the public's opinion of how congress is doing? Last I checked it was in the tank. You think since the public's opinion is nonexistant congress is acting in our best interest? NOPE. They're still plugging away ignoring us and doing whatever they want. Your opinion of thinking getting people to vote is probably sour because the same dang officials are voted in office over and over again. Look at Ted Kennedy. We're not getting results because we're not concentrating on convincing people to vote out these idiots and voting for fresh faces. I know plenty of people that have the same opinions I generally, but those same people don't want to get off their duff and spend the ten minutes checking a box or two on a ballot once in a great while.

We can focus and debate about my personal voting record or we can talk about what we think we should do to stop any infringement from taking place.Which do you think will benefit us better at the end of the day?
Talk about your voting record. To be honest, it's an utter waste of time trying to talk about stopping any more infringement on my 2A rights if you choose to vote for the very person that has the most damning voting record against them in the future. But I digress. I'm not inclined to focus on this matter in public.
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