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It is my understanding that it is 90 percent of all traceable guns, because we make all weapons traceable. And that if you phrase it correctly, its closer to 17 percent.
I've spoken to an acquaintance in the ATF, and it's actually less than 10%. Most of those are small-caliber pistols, to boot.

We can give obvious answers like "vote!". You have all been voting for however long that you have, and has it worked? (...) I don't even want to hear people suggesting we need to vote different. Vote however you want, it hasn't helped the cause.
Seemed to work just fine for us in 1994. It's all the people who've been voting the wrong way, for the wrong reasons who are the problem.

Take that power away from them by swaying public opinion. How do you do that?
One example: you provide research assistance to the folks who write for the legal journals. Writers like Clayton Cramer are worth 100 Ted Nugents. In the 1990's, law professors were unanimous in the belief that the 2A protected a "collective right." Today, that belief has lost a great deal of ground.

Preaching to the choir on a gun board? Not so effective.

My point is that we need to organize an effort to change opinion. You have to realize how awesome a goal that is, and by awesome I'm talking span, not slang. It is going to be incredibly difficult and expensive to do our best to get people who don't care about this, or are against it, to change their minds.
Such a campaign is going on everywhere in this country. The NRA has been fighting for your rights far longer than you've been aware of them. There is doubtless already a local and/or state grassroots organization devoted to reforming firearms laws. Have you joined or contacted them?

There are organized efforts everywhere in this country, and they need your support.

Look, I'm glad you've come around, but you've spent your whole life up until this month ignoring the issue and voting the wrong way. I'm sorry you're unhappy with the sad state of gun laws in this country, but everything you've posted has already been said. This debate has been going on since before anyone here was born. It's not going to be resolved overnight.

In the meantime, you can develop an ulcer about it, or you can get involved with organizations who've been on the ground for years already.

If you end up writing a letter or being interviewed, please compose yourself, and make sure you've got your facts straight. Make sure you know all the distortions the other side will pull (Kellerman, misquoting WISQARS stats) and how to refute them. Look to some of the older gun writers and learn from the arguments they've made. Know what works and what won't. Most important, know what gets attention and what doesn't.

Don't fall back on emotion--silly hysterics are for the other side. Stick with the facts, present them calmly and with authority, and you will carry the day.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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