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I watched the president, as well as the mexican president, respond to the question of the AWB in the same way that we've discussed they are now approaching it. With fear. Obama did say that he still thinks that it is a common sense legislation but I think we can all agree, I just want someone to ask them:


They repeated a fact which I am to understand has been proven to be misleading, that 90 percent of all weapons procured in drug raids in Mexico came from the United States. It is my understanding that it is 90 percent of all traceable guns, because we make all weapons traceable. And that if you phrase it correctly, its closer to 17 percent.

This matches common sense, as legal guns on the retail market in the US are pretty damn expensive. I think it'd be easier to buy a full auto untraceable weapon from south america than a semi auto serial coded version in the us, convert it to full auto, then start using it for crime. But, that's just me.

So that's the news today. What does that do for us? Not much. It reiterates that they aren't going for anything big right now. We can argue whether it will be 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 years before something happens that we will regret. We can give obvious answers like "vote!". You have all been voting for however long that you have, and has it worked? Public opinion means more than a vote, in my opinion. That's mine, I hold it and it makes more sense to me than arguing about writing your representatives. Screw em, they have their own idealistic reasons for choosing a side. Take that power away from them by swaying public opinion.

How do you do that?

That's what this thread is about. I don't even want to hear people suggesting we need to vote different. Vote however you want, it hasn't helped the cause. And yes I'm green, wet behind the ears, idealistic, naive, young, stupid, whatever, but at least I'm trying to think outside the box.

My goal is to do our best to reach those 300+ million Americans who are out there who include ourselves and include incredibly uneducated people who need to realize how important it is that we protect this right without any agreeable restrictions. Agreeable meaning that stupid reply about "should you be allowed to have a nuke, etc.

Look, I want you to like me but I really don't care if you don't and I won't bend over backwards to try and talk you into accepting me. If you think I'm an idiot then good for you and hell, maybe you're right.

My point is that we need to organize an effort to change opinion. You have to realize how awesome a goal that is, and by awesome I'm talking span, not slang. It is going to be incredibly difficult and expensive to do our best to get people who don't care about this, or are against it, to change their minds.

The people ultimately make the rules that govern them. If the people feel that that we should be allowed to have semi-autos, high cap magazines, ugly guns, then you do not have to fear them being taken away.

I am the spark, not the fire. I am not trying to take the lead. I am trying to influence someone to do so. I want to see people coming up with ideas, putting them into action, and fixing this problem. The problem is a lack of organization. Someone please, for the love of God, help us face this challenge.
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