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Learn to shoot simple, and make it muscle memory so you don't have to rely on thinking. I never understood what people meant before the attack.
And that is exactly why some of us push the concept of reality-based training that emphasizes natural reactions, as opposed to trying to train those reactions out of you. Your years of wrestling and MMA became essentially useless when your body went into a natural defensive mode due to surprise and shock. No matter how much one trains, no matter how experienced they are, all they can do is push that unthinking reactive mode furtgher back down the line, but you never get rid of it.
All that hardware will be in a firefight is extra weight that you won't remember why you got because it's such a burden.
I would disagree to some extent here. Some thinigs, such as improved sights and grips, add no complications to the gun while also allowing enhanced response IF your body and mind allow it. So there is little downside to some of the changes, even if there is very limited upside.
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