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they are all getting the same guns from the same handful of Italian mfrs.

I have an ASM 1861 Navy Richards conversion 44 Colt- and it's been shooting just fine, after putting several hundred rounds through it- no failures.

one thing I noticed about these replicas though, the barrel wedge doesnt' go all the way through- if you force it in until the spring pops out the other side, it locks up the cylinder- not enough clearance.

and I've seen the same condition on Uberti-made guns assembled/finished by Colt- the 2nd-3rd generation Signature series guns.

I believe they are starting off with the wedge/barrel interface on the "tight" side, so if the gun is used heavy and eventually "shoots loose", then the pin can be pushed all the way in and still tighten it up- and extend the life of the gun before it needs 'smithing.

actually a good idea.

the real quality issue is this- a gun with a gas check ring/seal on front of cylinder, will be a better shooting gun with BP, due to eliminating the BP fouling of the cylinder pin. I believe Uberti has put gas seals on all their cartridge guns now. A REALLY good idea.

If the Pietta doesnt' have a gas seal, then the Uberti is the better buy.
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