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When he left he put all his stuff in a POD storage container. He didn't want to put the pistol in there and asked me to take it home with me. I did. He came back a few months later and visited for a day. He never mentioned it. Left a bunch of other stuff at my place also. I am not worried about getting rid of that though. The pistol is the big problem. I have sent him several emails about it. They never come back so I know they are being delivered to him. This guy is no where near a great friend. He tends not to be very responisble, most of the time. I went out of town for a week when he lived here in VA. He dropped me off at the airport and took my truck home. Turns out that he took it out to a club and ended up getting it towed when he was stopped for a DUI. Now I am sure a lot of you are like me, Don't mess with my truck or guns. I knew I never should have agreed to hold onto it for him.

I will be talking to a lawyer I know tonight. I mean technically my friend did say.....Here is my pistol take it home with you. So it could be a gift, morally I am ok with that, he owes me.

I appreciate all the advice. I am going to keep trying to get intouch with him and go from there.
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