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Well, my Cimarron Remington Navy arrived yesterday. The only difference between it and the generic Ubertis I've seen is the wording on the barrel -- the rest is the same. The front sight lines up with the rear notch and the cylinder gap is fine for a BP gun. The grips are quite nice and the hammer does not require an iron thumb to operate. The timing seems perfect.

A crappy indoor picture:

The hammer has two small dents that I can't explain. Not sure if they are proofmarks.

Okay, now for the fun part. I immediately dunked it in a tub of 50% water, 50% apple cider vinegar to remove the shiny black finish. I stripped the finish on the grips and applied some Watco Danish Oil - Medium Walnut. The oil is drying while I'm here at work. There are a few spots where the black didn't come off and so I need to buy some blue remover today. The final step will be to smear some Perma Blue Paste all over the gun with a cleaning patch. This will give a pleasing, uneven patina. I won't be pitting the steel or denting the grips. I do this to all my cap & ball guns because I like the "well used but not abused look." Some people think I'm nuts, but most like the finished product.

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